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Walking the lines and leaping the gaps between three generations of immigrant women, The Almond Tree is a game about words unspoken, language lost and love across borders. Play the intro now - the full game is in development, release date tbc.

You notice a word, growing between the trees.

Mãe. Mother.

There were so many questions you wanted to ask. 

How should you live between two tongues?

What do you take from home, and what is left behind?

What does it mean to be a mother across lands and languages?

Perhaps there are answers here. 

And so begins a journey through a dream, and a chance to say goodbye.

Originally made for the Women in Games  x Side Quest game jam as part of the WIG Global Conference 2020. The theme was Motherhood. 

Music: AG Soundtrax.


The Almond Tree.zip 191 MB


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I tried it out. The story was a little confusing, but I understood the main gist of it. The visuals were very pleasing to the eye. It was a walking simulator, so personally I am not a big fan of those games, but for what it was, it was done well. The controls were okay. I did notice a lot of jittery frame rate, which was weird, since the game looked like it shouldn't have been causing to much garbage collection, so I am not sure what was causing the jittering. The music and ambient sounds were appealing, which is nice since that is one of the bigger draws for walking sims. So good work overall! Oh yeah, forgot to mention, please remember to add in an option to exit the game at any point, typically the escape key or the letter p is a good key to set to a pause menu or application quit method! I noticed that as a pretty common issue with the other games as well. lol

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment! The option to leave the game is a good suggestion, I'll be sure to add it.